Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Print technology is as important as the art of printing. This is why we use the most advanced technology and equipment from market leaders like HP and Xerox.

Digital printing services

Digital Printing

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Xerox Iridesse™

Jaw-dropping embellishment effects at a cost-effective price point

Xerox Iridesse 6-colour Channels
Request Xerox Iridesse Digital Press

Award-winning Color FLX Technology

Do more with 4, 5, and 6 colours on a page. Specialty Dry Inks can be layered together or combined with CMYK tints to create stunning spot colours, metallic gradients, photographic enhancements and more – and it’s all done in-line, in a single pass, and at rated speed.

Ultra HD Definition

While other presses may RIP at the same level, the image pipeline that feeds data to the Iridesse™ engine is unique, delivering 4 times more information to the press than competitive digital systems do. The result; ultra High Definition detail for smooth, beautiful gradients and tints, impeccable fine lines, and unprecedented small text accuracy.

Think bigger and brighter

With the ability to run sheets that are up to 47.2″ (1.2 m) long in up to six colours – including combinations of Gold, Silver, White, and Clear – Iridesse™ is the perfect marriage of creative desires with new print capabilities.

The press’s paper path is specially designed to move even the heaviest of media (up to 400 gsm) rapidly through the registration, imaging and fusing subsystems.

Liberate more brilliant design expression

The Iridesse™ can combine multiple stocks into jobs imaged with up to six colours, so you can offer high-value complexity with supreme confidence. Imagine unleashing the power of digital print on black stocks, transparent clings, metallic, craft, and richly hued stocks, along with synthetics and polys. With Iridesse, these brilliant design expressions are today’s reality.

Request Xerox iGen4 Digital Press

Xerox IGEN4™

Quality, flexibility and SPEED

Xerox iGen4 4-colour Channels

Achieve great results faster

With iGen4™, you get automation—and the improvement that comes with it—automatically. Tasks that used to take the attention and time of a dedicated press operator now happen with the push of a button. Your print jobs get finished on time and on budget.

Print brilliantly

The iGen4™ elevates image quality through innovative technologies such as Auto Carrier Dispense, Auto Density Control, and the tremendous capabilities that are made possible by the Inline Spectrophotometer. The results are greater colour consistency and realism in objects.

Print green

By the numbers

Xerox Nuvera 288

Lightning-quick machine and finishing SPEEDS

Xerox Nuvera 1-colour Channels
Request Xerox Nuvera 288 Digital Press

Achieve great results faster

REQUEST can complete your jobs in less time than ever before with machine speeds of up to 314 duplexed images per minute. The advanced Dual Core Processor plus Parallel Raster Image Processing (RIP) means the Xerox Nuvera® gets your jobs in and out of the gate in a hurry.

Outstanding image quality

Fine particle EA (Emulsion Aggregation) Toner is a key factor in the Xerox Nuvera® high image quality. The Nuvera produces fine lines with maximum detailing, sharp text, halftones and deep solid blacks. Printed pages have a smooth, offset-like matte finish.

By the numbers


JETI Taura H2500 LED

Vivid six-colour plus white or primer prints up to 2.54 m (100″) wide

wide format 6-colour channels
Request JETI Taura H2500 LED

UV LED print technology

LEDs are cool to the touch and have minimal heat output. REQUEST can print on a broad range of applications from heat-sensitive substrates such as thin slides, self-adhesive sheets and stretched PVC materials.

Extremely vivid prints

Outstanding print quality in six colours (CMYKLcLm), plus white or primer. The 32 print heads and 7-pl droplets produce stunning, detailed images and razor-sharp texts in as small as 4-point type.

Outdoor durability

The Jeti Tauro H2500 LED covers a wide scope of applications – from long-term outdoor creations that need extra durability and wear resistance to flexible applications with a stretch factor of more than 100%.

Wide range of applications

A versatile hybrid printer, the Jeti Tauro H2500 LED prints on a wide variety of media: banners, posters, signage, exhibit graphics, POP, mockups, backlit, front-lit, self-adhesives (labels), etc.

Versatile. Reliable. Responsible.

HP Latex 365

wide format 6-colour channels
Request HP Latex 365 Wide Format Printer

HP Designjet L26500

wide format 6-colour channels
Request HP Designjet 26500 Wide Format Printer

Print beautifully

HP Latex Printers produce high-resolution prints up to 1200 dpi, with dense, saturated colours that stand up to close inspection.

Reduce costs

With HP Latex Inks, you can achieve outdoor durability and versatility on low-cost, uncoated papers. Reduce your media costs by up to 30%.

Choose your canvas

Our HP Latex Printers can print on a broad range of materials, including vinyl, textiles, paper, film, and low-cost uncoated options.

Eliminate odour

HP Latex Inks are odourless, making them ideal for residential, office, hospitality, healthcare, or other environments with similar needs.


Summa S160 T Series

The world’s most advanced cutter

Unsurpassed cut quality

When it comes to cut quality, nothing compares to genuine tangential cutting. Summa S Class T Series cutters simply cut better and deeper than any other cutter in their class.

Thick materials cut like butter

OPOS X contour-cutting alignment delivers unparalleled accuracy and automation, even through thick laminated images. Intricate designs are cut flawlessly. Thanks to its genuine tangential cutting head.

Request Summa S160 T-Series
Request Flexa Easy Lite 160

Flexa Easy Lite 160

Flawless Lamination

Laminate, mount and encapsulate

The Easy Lite 160 professional heat-assisted top roller laminator provides perfect results every time. The new roller pressure indicator guarantees the best results by avoiding “overpressure” when mounting and laminating. Say goodbye to air bubbles or defects. Add durable lamination to wide format applications up to 1600mm (63″).

Versatile applications

REQUEST has the tools you need to get your vision to market for less

The right tools