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In today’s fractured media environment, savvy marketers have returned to direct mail as a proven and powerful way to build customer relationships and sales. Today, direct mail is the keystone of many Customer Relationship Management programs.

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REQUEST is a certified Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Partner. Let us show you how to build your program and track your ROI down to the dime. We can:

Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Expert Partner
Source high-response mailing lists

Source high-response mailing lists


Access our accurate and up-to-date databases for your next direct mail campaign. Layer on our rich audience insights to help reach your ideal customers, reduce returned mail and increase effectiveness. Let us help you reduce your costs by lowering the number of undeliverable mail pieces with our team of data processing experts.

Design impactful mailing pieces that get opened

Design mail that gets opened


Research shows that direct mail marketing works. By combining the powerful elements of physicality, data and connectivity, you can get your message noticed by customers. Let our direct mail experts show you how to optimize consumer attention, emotional engagement and brand recall.

Send personalized messages

Send personalized messages


REQUEST can print variable messaging to target each market segment effectively. Harness the power of one-on-one conversations with your customers. Send personalized mail to your customers using your customer list, or rent one from us.

target new customers locally or globally

Target new customers locally or globally


REQUEST can help you find your audience by neighbourhood, region or country. Design a targeted campaign to canvas your local community or reach out to customers around the world. We offer fast options with on-time delivery guarantees, as well as no-frills shipping for lightweight and low-value items.

Parcel Processing

We bring it all together


REQUEST provides full kitting and assembly services of packing and shipping or storage for the completed products. We can assemble, prepare, and package your mail-out materials and determine the most efficient and affordable delivery method.

deploy with confidence

Deploy with confidence


As a Canada Post Smartmail Marketing Partner, REQUEST can do full data presorts to ensure your direct mail piece gets delivered. Our process ensures the correct delivery modes are assigned to each address, grouping sequences are defined, and label information is accurate for each piece.

Direct Mail Finishing Services

Why juggle multiple vendors with conflicting schedules? REQUEST offers everything you need for your next direct mail campaign.

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Folding a direct mail piece can significantly reduce the size to help save on your postage costs. We encourage you to talk to our experts during the planning stage of your campaign. We can suggest creative ways to fold and package your direct mail to maximize your ROI.

Automatic Inserting Icon


REQUEST can accommodate inserting systems for operations of any size. We can automate your manual mail inserting processes or expand your volume capacity with quality options for low to mid-volume mail inserters. Let us prepare your statements, letters, advertising flyers, invoices, or any other mail piece to receive the most significant postage discount possible.

Tipping Icon


Adding a promotional sample or a gift card is a great way to get your product noticed and increase customer interaction. REQUEST can help you attach your promotional item to your direct mail piece with an easy release glue (tip on).

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Direct mail pieces must be secured (tabbed) to prevent an open edge from jamming high-speed processing equipment. REQUEST offers tabs in several different sizes and colours. We ensure your direct mail piece can be processed and delivered as efficiently as possible, reducing delivery costs.

Polybagging Icon


Polybagging is a process where a printed piece or small loose items can be inserted into polybags and sealed. Virtually any combination of pieces can be stacked together to form the mailing without the size limitations of an envelope. As an added benefit, polybagging is just as cost-efficient as traditional envelopes.

Shrink Wrapping Icon


Ensure your print marketing reaches your target audience in perfect condition with shrink wrapping. Shrink wrapping prevents materials from being damaged by moisture, dirt and tampering. It is incredibly cost-effective to use and is virtually weightless, reducing shipping rates.